Coach Diane L

It's Friday and that means another coach tip! Todays tip is all about learning to build healthy habits. Building healthy habits takes effort but it is very doable. Here are the seven steps you, too, can learn to build habits. 1.Start with a small action you desire to do. Make it tiny and specific to increase your chances of success. 2.Choose an anchor behavior that will trigger your new action. Example; if you want to start walking in the morning put your walking shoes near the door. 3.Make the behavior simple to do. 4.Adjust your environment for success. If you want to start walking, make sure you have a route planned. 5.Celebrate to embed and rewire your brain. When we tell ourselves “good job” or something else that makes us feel good, we get a hit of dopamine in our brain. It sends signals that stimulate the brain’s reward system and motor control. This reinforces our chances for replicating this behavior in the future. 6.Repeat often, preferably daily. The repetition also helps the habit become automatic. 7.Evaluate and experiment. Each person’s brain is unique. By actively trying different ways, you’ll find a better solution for yourself, which makes you more committed to the new behavior.

Coach A love! ❤️🙌